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Nissan Silvia S15

by Adrien R. 11 Dec 2022
Nissan Silvia S15 blog post

Introducing a one-of-a-kind Nissan Silvia S15 drift car made entirely out of building blocks!

For those unfamiliar with the Nissan S15, it is a sports car that was originally produced by Nissan in the late 1990s and early 2000s, that played a major role in the JDM influence in sports cars. It is known for its sleek design and impressive performance, making it a popular choice for car enthusiasts around the world.
Now, imagine taking that iconic car and reimagining it as a fully functional drift car made entirely out of more than 4000+ building blocks. That's exactly what  has been done, creating a truly unique and eye-catching vehicle.

The Perfect Drift Weapon

This Nissan Silvia S drift car is made up of thousands of individual building blocks, all meticulously put together to create the car's iconic shape and design. It even includes working wheels and suspension, allowing it to drift just like a real car.

Nissan Silvia S15 building blocks drift

Built for Performance

But this building block drift car isn't just a display piece – it is fully functional and can be driven around just like any other car. Its creator has put countless hours into perfecting every detail, ensuring that it not only looks impressive but also performs at a high level. Headlight, rear spoiler and large rims fit to the perfection on this model.
Nissan Silvia S15 building blocks drift

JDM Spirit 

The attention to detail on this building block Nissan Silvia S15 is truly impressive. From the intricate detailing on the exterior to the fully functional interior, every aspect of this car has been carefully thought out and executed. It is a true work of art that car enthusiasts and building block enthusiasts alike will appreciate.

A true icon of Japanese car culture, it combines the classic design of the Silvia S15 with the creativity and functionality of building blocks, resulting in a one-of-a-kind vehicle that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

Nissan Silvia S15 building blocks drift

The S15 was originally equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces around 250 horsepower, which gives it plenty of power to drift and perform at high speeds, and a good base for racing upgrade.

The engine itself has been built using blocks of varying sizes to represent the various components such as the cylinders, heads, and pistons. The transmission and drive-train has also been assembled using blocks of different colors to represent the various gears and differentials. As you can see on the picture below the results looks absolutely brilliant, and capture perfectly the spirit of JDM drift car scene.

Nissan Silvia S15 building blocks drift
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