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Ford F100 Pick-Up

by Adrien R. 02 Oct 2022
Ford F100 Pickup blog post

The Ford F100 pickup truck is an iconic vehicle that has stood the test of time, and now with the help of building blocks, car enthusiasts has brought this iconic truck to life through a slammed configuration !

Slamming a Ford F100 pickup truck involves lowering the suspension to give it a sleek, low-to-the-ground look. This model has been achieved by using a variety of different sized blocks to create the lowered suspension, giving the truck a lowered center of gravity, which improves handling and stability, while also providing a more aggressive look.

The Ford F100 interior was a complex and detailed area of the car, and recreating it using building blocks required a good understanding of the various components and systems that made up the interior.

What's inside ? This exclusive model includes the dashboard, the seats, the door panels, the gauges, and various other components such as the radio, the A/C and heater controls. These components has been been built using blocks of different colors to represent different parts and materials.

The exterior of the Ford F100 includes several key features such as the body, grille, lights, windows, mirrors, and various other components like the bumpers and exhaust system. Building blocks have also been used to add larger wheels and tires, improving traction and handling, while also giving the truck a sportier look.

This unique creation is a great way to add a touch of personality to any building blocks car collection, and captured brilliantly the spirit of classics Ford pick up from the 50's.

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