Motorized Car Lift Model 1:8 for Lego Technic car set

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$82.99 USD
$82.99 USD
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Elevate the realism and functionality of your Lego Technic set with our Motorized Car Lift Model 1:8. Designed with precision, this lift not only adds depth to your MOC creations but also promises an unparalleled lifting experience.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 40cm x 22cm x 42cm (15,7in x 8,6in x16,5in) ensuring perfect compatibility and integration with your 1:8 Lego Technic car models.
  • Two-Column Mechanic Design: Modeled after real-world garage lifts, this setup promises authenticity to your Lego world.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted for durability and longevity, our lift employs only the best materials for a strong and reliable performance.
  • Worm and Rack Mechanism: Compact yet robust, this mechanism ensures the lift operates smoothly, lifting up to 3.5Kg with ease.
  • Safety First: Arms with adjustable angles and rubber ends prevent any car slips, while the auto-stop function at both top and bottom ensures safety.
  • Perfect for MOC Creations: A must-have for Lego enthusiasts looking to elevate their custom projects with a touch of realism and functionality.
  • 100% Lego-compatible: Seamlessly integrate this motorized car lift into any Lego Technic set or MOC creation, ensuring endless building possibilities.

With its meticulously crafted design and fully motorized mechanism, our car lift is more than just a functional addition—it's an embodiment of high quality and dedication. Whether you're working on a new MOC creation or enhancing an existing Lego set, our car lift promises to deliver.

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Image of Motorized Car Lift Model 1:8 for Lego Technic car set building blocks set by Targa Toys

Motorized Car Lift Model 1:8 for Lego Technic car set

$82.99 $82.99

Motorized Car Lift Model 1:8 for Lego Technic car set

$82.99 $82.99

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