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Targatoys marble run motorised 2437pcs building blocks creator

Marble Run Motorised 2437pcs


Marble Run Motorised 2437pcs

 With over 2,437 pieces, this building block set allows your child to construct a fully functional and motorised marble run. The vibrant colors and interchangeable pieces of the blocks will keep your child entertained for hours on end as they build and modify their marble run.

Not only is this building block set a great way for your child to have fun, but it also helps to develop their fine motor skills and spatial awareness. The motorised marble run encourages problem solving and logical thinking as your child works to piece together the run and figure out how to make the marbles travel through it.

This building block set is made with high quality materials, ensuring that it is durable and able to withstand playtime. It is also compatible with other major building block brands, allowing for endless possibilities and expansion of their collection.

Don't miss out on this opportunity for your child to have endless fun and learning with Targatoys Marble Run Motorised. Order now and watch as they construct their very own marble run and send marbles zipping through the tracks!
Dimensions: 75cm x 20cm x 59cm

Key Features:
  • Over 2400pcs
  • Motorised Ball Feeding
  • 5 Meters of Track
  • PRO Series Electronics
  • Step Ladder Style Marble Climb
  • Building Instruction Booklet Included in Parcel

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