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Formula 1 Prototype Car 1321pcs

Formula 1 Prototype Car 1321pcs


Formula 1 Prototype Car 1321pcs


Step into the world of Formula 1 racing with this 1321-piece prototype red building block set! Build your own replica of an iconic F1 prototype car of your choice, with intricate designs and features that bring the sport to life. This set features a bold and striking red color scheme that represents the speed and power of the prototype car, also the set includes working wheels, suspension, and even a tiny replica of the engine. The set also includes decals and stickers to personalize your replica with your favorite driver name and numbers, making it a unique piece in your collection. Perfect for car enthusiasts, racing fans, and builders of all ages, this set will push your building skills to the limit.

Race to the finish line with this Formula 1 prototype building block set.

Dimensions: 54cm x 11cm x 22cm

Key Features:
  • 1:8 Scale
  • Over 1300 Pieces
  • Over 50cm Long
  • Independent Front & Rear Wishbone Suspension
  • Functioning Steering
  • Full Aero Pack
  • Adjustable Rear Wing
  • Fully Developed Transmission System
  • Engine with Rotating Pistons
  • Driver Halo-Style Protection
  • Building Instruction Booklet included in Parcel 

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