Remote Controlled Mining Dump Truck 2010pcs

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$244.99 USD
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Unleash your creativity with the Remote Controlled Mining Dump Truck 2010pcs, a masterpiece in the world of brick technic sets. Brought to you by Targa Toys, this set is a blend of design and functionality, ensuring a captivating building experience.

The Remote Controlled Mining Dump Truck 2010pcs is 100% Lego compatible, designed for a flawless integration with your existing collections. Stand out from the crowd with this best Lego alternative, a testament to Targa Toys' commitment to quality.

45cm x 24cm x 27cm
17.7in x 9.4in x 10.6in 

Outstanding Features

  • Over 2000 Pieces
  • Independent Front & Rear Suspension with Dual Shocks
  • 6 Heavy Duty High Grip Wheels
  • Remote Controlled Drive & Steering
  • Remote Controlled Bed
  • 2 XL High Torque Motors
  • 1 Servo Motor
  • 1 High Torque L Motor
  • High Level Of Detail All Around
  • Access Staircase
  • Driver/Operator Cabin
  • Instruction Manual Included in Parcel

Beyond being an exceptional adult Lego set, the Remote Controlled Mining Dump Truck 2010pcs also serves as an educational toy. It's meticulously crafted to enhance cognitive abilities and foster creativity. And with Targa Toys' promise, missing pieces aren't a concern; We do offer free replacement parts.

Embrace an unparalleled journey of imagination and innovation with the Remote Controlled Mining Dump Truck 2010pcs. It's more than just a toy; it's an experience waiting to be had.

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Image of Remote Controlled Mining Dump Truck 2010pcs building blocks set by Targa Toys

Remote Controlled Mining Dump Truck 2010pcs


Remote Controlled Mining Dump Truck 2010pcs


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